The material shall be supplied in wooden drums. The method of packing shall be as under. Wooden drums shall be of chemically treated timber.

A tube made of polythene sheet is rolled over the drums in such a fashion that when it closes the cables does not come in contact with moisture, water etc.

The cable is layed on the drum, polythene sheet is layered in between each layer of the cable to avoid abrasion of the inter layer while pulling the cable from the drum during cutting operation at site.

  • The last layer of the cable is 50mm below the flang to ensure proper protection of the cable.
  • The polythene tube is then closed over which polythene sheet / corrugate liner / anti humid paper (hezin cloth) is wrapped over the drum.
  • Silica Gel bags to be placed in the inner side of the flange to avoid a moisture penetration.
  • Wooden baton is then nailed on the drums to ensure sturdy handling of drums.
  • the drums is then placed on wooden / plastic the pallet and fixed with nylon / steel / straps to take care of the drum movement / handling of pallets.
  • The wooden pallets confirm as per IPPC standard.
  • The drum is then shrink taped from top to bottom to provide further added protection.
  • The material is then shipped to the customer.