From the earliest days of its inception, GIC has believed in creating a niche specifically catering to the manufacture and development of INSULATED COPPER WIRE and CABLE and to further make the quality and dependability of this product stand apart from any contending brands.

Working from its now renowned global base in Maharashtra, GIC has achieved the distinction of being the chief supplier of insulated copper wire and cables to 75% of industries in India that use its applicability in the making of Power Transformers

The next logical step after convincing its satisfied clientele base in India followed when GIC shifted its attention globally and its quality standards along with the latest manufacturing capabilities in the Copper wire industry led it to secure the approval of industries the world over ranging from Asia, the Middle East, Australia, the Americas and Europe.

GIC, in fact, now has the proud distinction of being an exporter of its Copper Wire to over 36 nations that have a reputable industrial pedigree, establishing key channel partners in cities like China, Singapore, Dubai, Brussels, Miami, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Sao Paolo, Gottenburg, Taipei, to name a few.

These achievements have only been made possible through two essential areas that GIC insists on: Variation of Copper Wire and Utilization of current technology. GIC provides the leading demands the world over for the wide range of Copper Wire to be utilized as per the requirements of certain industries that manufacture particular types of transformers. Form factors range from, SMALL MEDIUM HIGH EXTRA HIGH voltage power that a particular transformer is based on.

Secondly, GIC's state of the art manufacturing facility is second to none when it comes to specialization in this arena. Besides a pressure and temperature monitored designated area for Paper & Lapping Plant, there also exists a program which follows stringent incoming/online/outgoing testing methods and maintains inspection facilities. The end result of following this stringent and technologically innovative protocol makes GIC meet its target of achieving every standard for its Copper Wire capability such as IS, BS, DIN, IEC, ASTM, JIS, KIS, etc.,

Third Party inspection agencies such as INTERTEK, SGS, BVIS, PDIL, etc. are our trusted sources to make sure quality control and processing are never inferior, which has only made GIC achieve an extremely high quality and reliability standard globally. Considering future developments and staying a step ahead looking towards the future GIC has already implemented developments in place to expand its global reach on a wider scale than the present.

In lieu of this, GIC has acquired an 18,000 industrial land area to set-up a brand new manufacturing plant in Gujarat; with the solitary aim of creating the most technologically sophisticated facility that caters solely to the creation of the most demanded for and utilized Copper Wire and Cable product.

The brilliance and work ethics of its staff, dedication from a loyal and satisfied global client base who have provided unconditional support, and the continuous exploration, utilization of modern technological innovations in machinations, research and development by GIC, is aimed to achieve the target of acquiring over fifty countries as our chief importers by the year 2012.

GIC aims to be a world leader in the Copper Wire industry making it the sole name to reckon with and the predominant leader in maintaining its level of manufacturing excellence.

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